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Venture Office and M&A

Catalytic Commercialization™ Process

Many government RDT&E contractors specialize in serving government offices and officials, which requires
a unique set of skills, infrastructure, and networks. However, these capabilities may not translate well to
civilian or commercially focused endeavors. In such cases, creating a startup or joint venture, or selling
an asset, may be a more viable option.

At Rushlight Ventures, we deploy our Catalytic Commercialization™ process to walk you through the progression. This structured approach identifies intellectual property suitable for monetization, characterizes relevant markets and customers, strategizes the best path forward, and puts the plan into action.

We work with your internal team to provide the focus needed to successfully launch a startup, joint venture, or asset sale. Whether it’s as simple as recommending an investment banker or as complex as designing a bespoke startup, RLV is here to assess your needs, provide recommendations, and do the heavy lifting.

IP Licensing/Sale

Guidance on How to Sell Patents or Other IP

Looking for help with an organized out-license process?
Wanting guidance on how to sell patents or other IP?
Needing assistance with in-licensing key technologies?
Look no further than Rushlight Ventures.

Our team uses a structured approach to characterize your technology, clearly express its value proposition, identify targets, and manage the process from start to finish. We specialize in monetizing underutilized intellectual property to generate revenue for your business.

Transition Support

Transitioning from RDT&E to Production

Transitioning from a research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) house to
routine production of products designed to be manufactured at scale can be challenging
for even the most capable RDT&E organizations.

It is like creating an internal startup—essentially, an internal business unit with a mission that requires different skills, culture, and mindset than your legacy business.

We understand the importance of establishing a strategy, managing liability, setting up new legal entities, establishing
and managing a supply chain, and creating a production mindset to ensure success.

RLV can assist you through this process to the point where you can take it forward and create new sources of value
for your organization.

Additionally, Rushlight Ventures can help identify and qualify appropriate suppliers, negotiate contracts,
and manage the supply chain necessary to produce products routinely.

Commercialization Planning and TABA Support

Rushlight Ventures offers specialized commercialization planning and TABA (Technical and Business Assistance) support services for small businesses participating in the SBIR and STTR programs.

Our team of experts helps you maximize the value of your federally sponsored research by
transforming innovative technology into marketable products, services, or business ventures.

Commercialization Planning: Turning Innovation into Success
Our commercialization planning services provide a strategic roadmap to successfully bring your technology to market. We collaborate closely with you to define your commercialization objectives and identify target markets. Through market research and competitive analysis, we evaluate market potential, refine your go-to-market strategies, and develop a customized plan for success.

TABA Support: Empowering Small Businesses
Technical and Business Assistance is a valuable resource that assesses the technical feasibility, market potential, and financial viability of your technology. At Rushlight Ventures, we offer TABA support services to enhance the value and marketability of your technology. Our expert team conducts rigorous evaluations, identifies opportunities, and helps you make informed decisions for maximum commercial success.

How We Can Help
Rushlight Ventures offers a comprehensive range of services to support your commercialization planning and TABA needs. Our experienced team of experts understands the unique challenges faced by small businesses and provides tailored solutions to maximize your technology’s commercial potential.

DCAA  G&A Expense
It is possible for Rushlight Ventures’ services to be considered a DCAA General and Administrative (G&A) expense. If commercializing technology is part of your business model, then associated expenses are typically allowable. We can help you structure your operational budget and support activities to build in technology commercialization.