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Rushlight Ventures launched by focusing on commercializing its sister company CRG’s technologies. This resulted in a diverse portfolio, including electric aviation, life science research, medical products, green energy, advanced high-temperature materials, and alternative building materials. The portfolio continues to broaden as Rushlight Ventures adds clients beyond CRG. Some client projects remain confidential, but below is a sampling of our portfolio.

Licenses, asset sales, M&A:

  • MG Resins and Mach 5 Materials, sale of IP and an operating business, sold to Karman Space & Defense.  [Read press release]
  • Kineticure‘s Rapid Cure System (RCS)™ for aircraft production and repairs, its IP licensed to Heatcon, a company already serving the target market segment and using it for 5th generation aircraft maintenance ….. Kineticure. [Read press release]

Startups, defense business units, product supply:

  • Acoustilytix, startup – Life science research data tool based on AI/ML analysis of complex data patterns (www.acoustilytix.com)
  • Advantic Building Group (split from the original Advantic LLC), startup – Design/fabricate/build company using novel advanced materials in construction applications (advanticllc.com)
  • Agile Power, CRG business unit – Man-portable battery power integrated with ballistic protection (agilepowerllc.com)
  • ATLIS, a product line for CRG Specialty Products – Emergency medical triage and evacuation litter
  • CRG Specialty Products, an operating unit of CRG focused on producing and selling product lines for government customers
  • Lectratek, startup – Electric aviation powertrain (lectratek.com)
  • Posit Assets, startup – Originally called Advantic LLC, manufacturer of components for novel applications of fiber-reinforced polymer systems and syntactic (crgrp.com/posit-assets)
  • Spintech Holdings, startup – Novel composite manufacturing solutions and high-value composite parts for aerospace and defense manufacturers worldwide. (spintechinc.com) Spintech Holdings has two divisions: Smart Tooling and Hawthorn Composites.