President of Rushlight Ventures imparts commercialization expertise at Startup Week 2023

Published: October 31, 2023

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Andrew Cothrel, president of Rushlight Ventures, presents to a full room at Startup Week 2023

The crowd buzzed with energy as Andrew Cothrel, president of Rushlight Ventures (RLV), led a session at Startup Week 2023 to unveil the keys to catalyzing technology commercialization. Cothrel’s lecture, “10 Steps to Commercializing Technology,” held at the The Hub Powered by PNC, drew an eager and attentive audience, with standing-room only.

With a track record of over 30 years in corporate leadership, including 15 years dedicated to startups, venture investing, and consulting, Cothrel is an experienced voice for guiding budding entrepreneurs toward their path to success. Modeled after Rushlight Ventures’ own Catalytic Commercialization™ process, this free lecture delivered valuable insights into the essential journey that startups and innovators must take to turn intellectual property into market gold.

In his presentation, Cothrel outlined ten critical steps that can transform a visionary idea into a thriving commercial enterprise, ranging from defining the opportunity and value proposition to experimentation, asset development, and managing the execution. He emphasized the disproportionate and often out-of-sequence level of effort most innovators place on the last 5 steps, when more and earlier effort is typically required for the first 5 steps.

Cothrel’s presentation and the robust Q&A that followed at Startup Week 2023 earned praise for its actionable insights into the challenging journey of commercialization. Attendees left the lecture hall inspired and equipped with knowledge to support the transformation of their innovative ideas into thriving market realities.

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