A Toast to Vino & Ventures: Rushlight Ventures Launches Exclusive Networking Group

Published: February 22, 2024

Rushlight Ventures, a prominent player in the Dayton region’s venture ecosystem, hosted the successful launch of an exclusive networking group, Vino & Ventures, on January 31 at The Hub. This invitation-only circle, designed to transcend traditional networking norms, attracted more than 40 accomplished investors and socially conscious venture ecosystem leaders.

Vino & Ventures offers a distinctive environment where genuine connections take precedence over traditional pitching, fostering an ideal and no-pressure space for ideas to flourish and relationships to thrive. Attendees enjoyed networking while sampling a selection of fine wines contributed by local entrepreneur and CEO of Rushlight Ventures, Pat Hood.

“This event is about fostering a sense of community among leaders in the Dayton region who share a passion for our city and its entrepreneurs,” said Hood. “Strong relationships within our community form the bedrock of trust. Investors who trust one another are better positioned to collaborate and support the growth of local startups.”

For now, the event is exclusive to known investors and venture ecosystem leaders in the Dayton region. “Later in the year, we plan to extend invitations to seasoned entrepreneurs, with the caveat that there is no pitching, soliciting, or campaigning at Vino & Ventures,” added Andrew Cothrel, president of Rushlight Ventures.

One of the highlights of the evening was the delightful charcuterie board, expertly arranged by A Grazing Experience, a local small business celebrated for its culinary artistry. The combination of exquisite wines and delectable bites created a welcoming atmosphere, facilitating meaningful interactions among the attendees.

The success of the inaugural event has set the stage for the next Vino & Ventures gathering, scheduled to take place in early March. Those interested in learning more about Vino & Ventures are encouraged to visit rushlightventures.com/vino-ventures.