Venture Office and M&A

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Many government RDT&E contractors specialize in serving government offices and officials, which requires a unique set of skills, infrastructure, and networks. However, these capabilities may not translate well to civilian or commercially focused endeavors. In such cases, creating a startup or joint venture, or selling an asset, may be a more viable option.

At Rushlight Ventures, we deploy our Catalytic Commercialization™ process to walk you through the progression. This structured approach identifies intellectual property suitable for monetization, characterizes relevant markets and customers, strategizes the best path forward, and puts the plan into action.

We work with your internal team to provide the focus needed to successfully launch a startup, joint venture, or asset sale. Whether it’s as simple as recommending an investment banker or as complex as designing a bespoke startup, RLV is here to assess your needs, provide recommendations, and do the heavy lifting.

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